Alpha PG Enterprise (APG) founded in the year 2006 is to provide technical consultation works for vertical transportation. APG’s personal has also actively involving in machines retrofitting and upgrading works. It’s working together with its international network possess the capability to undertake the following types of projects:

1. Warehousing & Materials Handling

  • Automated & Storage/ Retrieved Systems
  • Conveyor Systems

2. Vertical Transportation

  • Passenger and Cargo Lift
  • Escalators

3. Battery Cell Auto Assembly Line

4. Robotic Welding Application

In the year 2007, APG was appointed as an authorized dealer from worldwide well-known precision planetary gear manufacturer “Wittenstein alpha GmbH” Germany (Formerly known as Alpha Getriebebau GmbH) to distribute and supply Wittenstein alpha ranges of products in the territory of Singapore and year 2014, territory extended to Malaysia.

PH Ong
Managing Director for Alpha PG Enterprise

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