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Alpha PG Enterprise is a reliable provider of quality worm gears for your commercial and industrial projects.  

We are the authorised local supplier of Wittenstein alpha GmbH gearbox components that have been tested for their strength and durability through optimising machine operations.  

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Worm gears are widely applied in the vertical motion industry. Its structure is a combination of a screw and helical gear. Worm gears are vital components found in lift and elevator systems.


Smooth Operation

Worm gears function with less noise compared to other gear types. The quiet operation is due to its effective sliding motion.


Occupies Less Space

The compact structure of worm gears makes them ideal installations for sites with space constraints.


Self-locking Feature

Worm gear structures offer a self-locking feature through its high gear ratio. This self-locking process prevents inertial motion that result in the destructive reversal of roles for input and output shafts.


Our company was set up in 2006 as a reliable consultant of vertical transportation. Our constant drive to serve valued customers soon included services in machine retrofitting and system improvements. We always strive towards developing comprehensive solutions for your industrial needs.

Exclusive Supplier

We are proud to be the exclusive local supplier of Wittenstein products, a global leader in the manufacture of components in motion control equipment.

Extensive Inventory

Our diverse inventory of products includes helical gear and planetary gear designs and a whole range of superior quality gear products that will improve the productivity of your industrial operations.

Seasoned Specialist

We are a solutions provider with decades of expertise. Our accrued experience in the field of vertical transportation equips us with the knowledge and skills to offer valuable industrial advice to meet your demands and clear all doubt. 

Alpha PG Enterprise stocks and installs high power and precision gears that will elevate your machine operations to the next level.

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