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Uses and Benefits of Encoders

Encoders are essential components found in many gearbox applications which may be available in incremental, absolute or rotary configurations. They are specially designed to offer motion sensor feedback toward achieving a variety of industrial purposes.


Printing Services

Encoders provide motion sensor feedback to print head components, which marks the specific coordinates on the printing surface.


Factory Assembly Lines

The automated process of encoders ensures that robotic devices in a factory are fed with accurate motion feedback. This enables machines to assemble products according to exact manufacturer settings.


Industrial Vehicle Control

Encoders may be integrated to the motor shaft of vehicles such as cranes and forklifts, which optimizes positioning processes such as unloading and loading.

“MTL” High Precision Rotatory Encoder Series Selectable on demand


Product Major Specification Feature Adoption Example
Incremental Type Diameter: 5mm ~ 65mm
Resolution: 40P/R ~ 216,000P/R
Output Type: Voltage Output, Open-Collector Output, Line Driver Output
• Rich Line-Up
-Super Small Type (5mm DIA.) ~
-40P/R ~ 216,000P/R

• Elevator
• Fabrication equipment of Semiconductor
• Warning camera
• Humanoid Robot
• Assistance Robot
• Surgical Operation Support Robot
• Medical Endoscope
• Fabrication Equipment of Liquid Crystal Semiconductor


Absolute Type Diameter: 13mm ~ 76mm
Resolution: 256P/R ~ 16,384P/R
Output Type: NPN Open Collector
Output Code: Gray Code, Pure Binary Code, BCD Code
• Rich Line-Up
-Super Small Type (13mm DIA.) ~
-256P/R ~ 16,384P/R

• Fabrication Equipment of Liquid Crystal Semiconductor
• Humanoid Robot
• Assistance Robot
• Searching Device
• Various Conveyance System


Multi-Rotation Absolute Type Diameter: 46mm ~ 65mm
Multi-Rotation Part: 2 ~ 100 Rotation
Resolution: 128P/R ~ 4,096P/R
Output Type: Voltage Output
NPN Open-Collector
Output Code: Gray Code, Pure Binary Code
• Absolute Encoder possible for detection of Number of Multi-Rotation and Angle Position per 1 rotation, thanks to Mechanical Structure of Gear • Switching of Dam Flood Gate
• Stage Equipment
MGH Series Diameter: 18.9mm ~ 44mm
Resolution: 40P/R ~ 8,192P/R
Output Type: Voltage Output, Open-Collector Output, Line Driver Output
• Type of Motor Direct Mounting • Stepping Motor Control
MLS Series Linear Stroke
Measuring Range: 0mm ~ 4,000mm
Minimum Resolution: 0.1mm
• Designed for easy After-Fitting to equipment
• Detection possible by mounting of Encoder and Wire only, which makes replacement work relatively easy
• Application for detection of Depth of Thread on Screw Processing Machine
Roller 2,000P/R Per 1 Rotation
Minimum Resolution: 0.1mm
• Simply possible measurement by measuring roll • Roll Control of Paper Feeding
• Conveyor Control
Large Diameter Diameter: 74mm ~ 200mm
Inside Diameter: 30mm ~ 90mm
Resolution: 180P/R ~ 1,440,000P/R
Output Type: Voltage Output ,Open-Collector Output, Line Driver Output
• Direct Built-In possible to shaft • Elevator
• Steering measurement equipment
• Twisting Tester
• Gear Testing Machine


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