Rotary Encoder

Alpha PG Enterprise is an industrial leader specialised in application-specific solutions, which include rotary encoders manufactured of the best quality.

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Uses and Benefits of Rotary Encoders

Rotary encoders are essential components in multiple industries, which include printing, manufacturing and material handling. These devices are used in the measurement and tracking of rotational speed and position in mechanical processes and are available in absolute or incremental classes.


Healthcare Industry

Rotary encoders are often found in healthcare applications such as MRI and CT scan machines. The structural function of rotary encoders ensures optimal patient safety and precise scan results.


Vehicle Functions

Magnetic rotary encoders are seen in vehicular antilock braking systems or in managing motion directional control tasks such as those seen in automated guided vehicles (AGVs).


Consumer Appliances

Rotary encoders are also found in common configurations such as washing machines, which enable users to cycle through functions (i.e. spin, wash, etc.) and a wide range of other everyday devices.

Why Choose Alpha PG Enterprise?

Alpha PG was established in 2006 as a trusted expert on vertical transportation. Our constant drive to serve valued customers soon included services in machine retrofitting and system improvements. We strive to develop comprehensive solutions for your industrial needs.


Diverse Inventory

Our extensive inventory includes helical gear  and planetary gear  designs, ensuring that you will be able to attain all that you need for your installations and projects.


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At Alpha PG Enterprise, our specialists are experienced in the field of vertical transportation, offering valuable technical advice and assistance in your industrial challenges and queries.

Alpha PG Enterprise provides quality encoders specially made to improve the function of your mechanical installations.