Official distributor of Wittenstein

Having more than a decade of industry expertise in machine retrofitting and consultation for the vertical transportation industry, Alpha PG is your number one trusted choice. As the appointed official distributor of renowned precision planetary gear manufacturer Wittenstein alpha GmbH in Singapore and Malaysia, we are confident to serve all your needs and more.



Top Quality Products from Germany

Wittensten alpha has long been established as a leading manufacturer of motion control equipment and servo drive systems such as planetary gears, hypoid gears, right angle gears, helical gears and rotary actuators. Through constant innovation, their products are consistently of the highest quality with an ever-expanding broad range to suit every application. For high-end sectors that require maximum power density and outstanding performance, check out our alpha Premium and Advanced line of products. For cost-effective general applications, the alpha Value & Basic line of robust and reliable precision gearboxes is the perfect solution to technical and economical optimisation.


Expert Customer Service

Different types of applications require different selection criteria for gears. Besides torque and rotation speed, there are other important factors to consider as well. Planetary gears are ideal when maximum power density and high efficiency is required. Key advantages of planetary gearboxes include its compact size, high efficiency and high torque to weight ratio. To fully understand the intricacies and pros and cons of using planetary gearboxes, our knowledgeable sales team is more than well-equipped to provide a consultation for your specific needs.


Deep Expertise In Various Industries

Although our core specialisation is in the vertical transportation sector (passenger and cargo lift, escalator), our areas of competence have expanded over the years to include machines retrofitting and upgrading works, warehousing such as automation and conveyor systems, battery cell auto assembly, robotic welding applications and more! The opportunities and trust given to us by our clients have enabled our team to grow exponentially in terms of experience and technical know-how, so that we can continue striving to serve all out customers better.

Innovation products of the highest quality, a skilled and dedicated team and an aim to provide top-notch solutions to our customers are the driving factors behind the success of Alpha PG. For consultation or sales enquiries, give our friendly customer service a call at 6852 9309 now!

Feel free to consult us of any doubts you have.